24 April 2014

Hey There, Stud // Bluer than Blue

The weekend was one well-spent, I must say. And so I bring you two outfits in one post! I'm certain most people went either out-of-town or out-of-the-country for the long weekend. But for us, we did Visita Iglesia last Thursday, and stayed at home on Friday. The day after, we went farther than we usually did-- I guess that counts as going out-of-town? But for a day only (or more like, half a day).

Last Saturday, we went to Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I have always wanted to visit Nuvali, and so we did. It was a good few hours away from home, so I got to practice my driving! (In my outfit photos below, you might see the car key peeking from my pocket heh) The scenery was lovely. However, it may have been a bad move for us to go there during summer because it was scorching hot! Oh well, that's life in a tropical country for us.

There were some factory outlets in the area, especially in Paseo, so we went to check them out. Surprisingly, I didn't get to buy anything that day haha! Outlet shopping is actually one thing that I love when going to the United States. Unfortunately, outlet shopping is not that popular in the Philippines.

Before we move on to my OOTD, here are a few (really few, just three) snaps from our Saturday adventure. I meant to take pictures of the food we ate for lunch at Crisostomo at Solenad, Nuvali-- a modern Filipino restaurant; but alas, I was too hungry that I dug in the moment the dishes landed on the table. What a shame, they looked and tasted great.

Now let's talk about my outfit that day! I knew it was going to be hot, so I wore a sleeveless crop top. The top's actually a size bigger for me, but it's alright because I believe it just gave me the right kind of coverage haha! I wore a navy blue lace bandeau inside since the sides were low (sadly, I have no detailed photo of the bandeau). And since it's a hanging top, I paired it with high-waist shorts. Can I just share how much I love the shorts? Aside from the cool studs, it also has a button fly!

To add to the toughness of the look, I sported my Adidas Originals Honey EF hi-strap white sneakers. I love the pair so much because they're unique! My quest for all-white sneakers was a tough one. I wasn't sure at first whether I wanted sneaker wedges or high-cut ones. But then my mom found these in Hong Kong and I fell in love with them! I mean, check out those studs at the back! (PS: Hong Kong's one of those countries where you can find unique shoes!)

My outfit was actually heavily spiked and studded haha! I went with edgy silver accessories, hence the spiked bracelet (a gift from a friend) and layered rings. Of course, shades were a must! I have been wanting a pair of round sunnies; thankfully, my Secret Santa granted my wish! The shades are just sooo versatile.

Crop top: Forever 21 || High-waist shorts: Terranova || Sneakers: Adidas
Bandeau: Cotton On || Bracelet: Tomato || Rings: Aldo Accessories || Watch: Casio


The next day was Easter Sunday! It was indeed a happy Easter for me and my family. In the morning, a package arrived from our relatives in Chicago. We have been waiting for it to arrive! It was filled with spreads and sweets (like Speculoos jars, limited edition Oreos, etc.). But aside from those, there were also clothes! Some of them were requests from us; but some were voluntarily bought! I must say, my uncle and grandma have good taste. In fact, I loved the pieces so much that I had to wear one of the clothes that they gave!

I never knew that I could pull off tea-length skirts until I tried on this royal blue piece. Blue's my favorite color, so it's no doubt that I was totally enamored by it. I found the liveliness of the color appropriate for a remarkable day such as Easter. I wanted to be simple that day, so I paired it with my favorite white crop top and pale pink wedges. (Yes, the shoes are pale pink, excuse the lighting and settings) I wore wedges because I thought the length of the skirt would make me look shorter than I already am haha! In the end, I felt so regal in this outfit-- must be the color of the skirt, yeah? I mean, it wouldn't be called royal blue for nothing.

Since the skirt's blue, I matched it with silver accessories. I follow this rule that cool colors go best with silver, and warm with gold (but it's fun to break the rules from time to time). From yesterday's edgy silver pieces, I went with delicate pieces for Sunday's outfit. For that, I decided to wear my Pandora charm bracelet. Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon during its hype. But I think it's a good investment because I've decided to add a charm for every milestone that I will reach. Right now, I have an opal charm to mark my 18th birthday (since I was born in October), and a clover for good luck. I also have a safety chain which is not only useful, but also beautiful (it's somehow like another charm too)!

*yep, one of those typical weird-looking legs poses lol*

*Kinda feeling like Michael Jackson here, 
if only I lifted both of my feet (is that even possible when wearing wedges???)*

You might have noticed that I'm wearing lipstick. When I realized that I actually don't look bad with plum-tinted lips, I wanted to get a lipstick in that shade! So I asked for MAC Rebel. It's also one of those goodies from the package. My uncle bought me three of it, so I thought, "hey, why not wear it regularly?" So there, you'll be seeing me wearing Rebel on my lips from now on haha. It's amazing how the color of your lipstick can change your look, isn't it?

Crop top: Apartment 8 Clothing || Midi skirt: Forever 21 || Wedges: CMG
Charm bracelet: Pandora || Watch: Casio || Lipstick: MAC (in Rebel shade)

That's all, folks! I hope you enjoyed reading this 2-in-1 post. Do leave a comment below, I'd really appreciate it! Also, feel free to follow my blog via email or Google Friend Connect. Also, follow my blog with Bloglovin! I'm sure to follow back. :)

x Erika Rosales

PS: I've been nominated for a Liebster award, thanks to An-Katrien of Teacups & Dresses! Will post about it soon :)

13 April 2014

Texture Versus Print

Oh hey, it's been two weeks since my last post! Finals just ended for me last Friday and YES I AM FINALLY FREE!! I can finally enjoy summer. Naturally, the past few days have been hot although it did rain yesterday, and that was really weird. Oh well, that's climate change for us (unfortunately).

Anyway, as I was saying, the weather's been crazy hot. If school rules allowed it, I probably would have worn shorts every day. Actually, shorts are allowed in school. But for some reason, my demure skirts and shorts don't meet the required length (at least one inch below the longest finger when standing up). I've come to the conclusion that my arms are unusually long. That's why you'll often see me outside of school wearing either a skirt or shorts because I use all my pants in school haha!

So for today, I decided to wear this pleated plaid skirt that I've had since I was in first or second year high school. I rarely wear it because I find it difficult to wear it without looking like a schoolgirl. But then I had this idea of wearing it with my pastel pink eyelet top. A lace-like top and a skirt-- perfect for the summer heat! I rarely wear "clashing" pieces, but I thought they contrasted each other perfectly. What do you guys think?

Eyelet top: Topshop || Plaid skirt: Forever 21 || Necklace: The Landmark
Bracelets: Promod || Tank top: Uniqlo || Nude flats: Lower East Side (Payless Shoe Source)
  Fitclip: Renouveau Manila || Nails: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat (c/o Nailogy)

Like I said, I've had the skirt since around 4 years ago. Back then, I was still a size Medium, so I had to use my fitclip again! My top's actually a size 6 so yeah, I just had to wing it lol. 

So there, happy summer! Also, have a blessed week. Will publish another post by the weekend, stay tuned! You might want to subscribe to my blog via email for updates, or follow me on Google Friend Connector (GFC). You can do these by checking out my sidebar, thanks!

x Erika Rosales