31 December 2014

Looking Back

Less than three hours before the new year, and I decide to post something new-- why not? After all, I have a lot of feels to share about the year that is about to end. And I have decided to post it with an outfit too, just because I don't want to flood you with so many words and no photos.

2014 was a true adventure for me. For starters, it was this year when I finally found the courage to start blogging, and so Style and Sundry now exists for me to keep up and for everyone to read.

This year, I got to travel not just once, but four times (whoa!). Last May, I finally got to explore Korea-- a country that I've only been to several times during layovers. For my two other travels during the year, I was fortunate to visit local destinations: Bicol, Davao (where I wore and shot this outfit), and just a week ago, Palawan. It was great being able to explore my own country again, something that I have not done for years.

Also in line with starting my blog, even if I'm only just months old at the job, I was already lucky to get sponsorships and stuff! Aside from getting to work with amazing people, I also got invited to events-- although I was not able to attend some of them, much to my disappointment.

Yes, I had my share of disappointments this year too. But despite that, there were the things that made me really, really happy. Whether they are sad or happy memories, I will remember them, especially the lessons I learned from them.

Throughout the year, I know I changed. I became more confident in my own skin. I have also become more outgoing too-- or at least, I have began taking baby steps. I promise to be even better in the following year. All it took was for me to have courage. With that, I also got to discover more about myself, that I can be more. I discovered new interests, too (and even rekindled old ones).

With regards to my style, I experimented. It's funny how my style switched quickly over the months, persistently going with the trends. But then, I actually would like to think of myself as versatile.

Indeed, 2014 gave me a lot-- much more than what I expected, really. Be they good or bad, I am t h a n k f u l. I am able to leave behind the year with a light heart, and welcome 2015 with open arms. And that is because of the people whom I care for, and care for me as well-- my mother and father, my relatives, my friends, etc.

So whether you are reading this or not (but I know you guys support me anyway haha!), thank you! Thank you because you and I both know that you were part of my 2014. You made my year awesome. And now, I wish you a very, very, great new year! I have a feeling it will be even better than this year. 2015, don't disappoint me!

Dear reader, cheers to you and I!

Top: Greenhills
Shorts: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Sunnies Studio (Dovie style)
Sandals: Grendha

x Erika Rosales


22 December 2014


Today, I finally experienced my first legit free day (read as: a weekday when I did not go to school to attend to some duties) ever since I went on holiday break (last Tuesday). While I'm very thrilled to be finally f r e e (!), I can't help but think that my vacation won't be enough. There's just a lot that I want to do-- from binge-watching, reading books, to working out, selling my pre-loved clothes, and writing-- and two weeks just don't seem enough.

Speaking of writing, I'm finally posting again on my blog! This time though, I'm going back to my backlogs. I chose this one among the three/four looks I haven't posted about because it's the most appropriate this season!

Yes, my friends! That's a cape-- well, a hybrid between a sweater and cape, really. And that's why I deem it "approriate" this Christmas season. The material of the not-sweater (there's the title!) kept me warm, although the absence of sleeves kept me cool. When dressing up in the Philippines, it's more of a half-half kind of thing, really; it's generally hot, but inside malls and other establishments, it's pretty cold.

When wearing sweaters, I can either go the preppy or the casual-hipster route-- clearly, I went with the former. However, normcore/basics was the craze, so I decided to wear boyfriend jeans and mandals with them. By the way, the jeans are DIY (do-it-yourself)! Yup, I did the slashing all by myself. ;) Will post a tutorial soon so you can try making them for yourself. :)

The cape in action! It took several takes to get this shot haha

Sweater-cape: Kashieca
Boyfriend jeans: DIY
Sandals: Birkenstock
Button-down: SM Woman
Charm bracelet: Pandora
Coil bracelet: Charriol
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Rings: Inftnitine
Watch: Casio

I actually used this to join the #HMlovesPH contest; alas, I did not win. By the way, the Charriol bracelet is my mom's-- just borrowed it for this shoot haha!

Well anyway, that's all for this post! Will post a DIY tutorial for the boyfriend jeans next; will make sure to do it during the break! That way, you guys can do it in your spare time. ;) Other than that, how will you spend the holidays? :) I'll be flying to Palawan in a few days! Definitely excited for it. 'll try to take as many photos as I can during the trip, so stay updated by following me on Instagram: @_erikarosales (I'm so much more active there!)

Wishing you guys a happy holidays!

x Erika Rosales

PS: Since I'm on vacation, I'll be responding to the comments that I have missed ever since. I'll also be following back people! ♥

06 December 2014

Of Stripes and Straw Hats

Whoa, it feels like I haven't posted in forever! Been busy with schoolwork, that's why. Right now seems to be the calm before the storm (literally and figuratively, oops) though, so I took the chance to post something new!

This one's from my quick weekend getaway to Davao last November 15 to 17. This is actually why I missed the Apollo Music Festival which I previously posted about. I admit, I would've loved to go to Apollo, but I definitely enjoyed in Davao! I have never been there before, but I have heard wonderful things about the place. So naturally, I was excited.

There wasn't much to do there, really. It was more of a place for chilling and eating haha! (And I assure you, that was just as fun for me.) As someone who grew up in the ever-bustling Manila, I definitely enjoyed the serenity in Davao City. I will be posting a photodiary of my trip though sometime during the holiday break; there, you'll find about the things we did and the places we ate at!

Here's my Day 1 outfit. I never got to post about this on my Instagram. It was my first time wearing an off-shoulder top! This style seems to be the craze lately, so of course I gave it a try. It was just perfect for the hot weather in Davao, actually. I'm kinda not loving how it scrunches in the bottom though, as you can see in the photos.

Top: Greenhills
Shorts: Uniqlo
Boots: Topshop
Rucksack: Ralph Lauren (vintage)
Hat: Kultura
Watch: Swatch (vintage)

Because I wanted to pack light, I brought with me a pair of shoes that would match all my outfits-- my cutout booties. I purposely went for a monochrome look, except my bag kind of ruined it. But hey, I realized I need more rucksacks in my life because they are so handy for traveling!

To top my outfit off, I wore a summer hat everywhere I went. I wanted a floppy hat so bad, so I went looking for one before our trip! It's more of a straw hat rather than the trendy suede one, but it's black, so I believe it's just as chic. I actually just found it in SM Department Store!

So this is my Day 1 outfit; we pretty much just had a foodtrip so I wasn't able to take outfit pictures somewhere fancy. I just had these taken at the poolside of our hotel lol. Day 2 made up for all the scenery though! Will post my Day 2 outfit separately soon.

Wishing for everyone's safety in the coming days! And of course, good luck with hell week!

x Erika Rosales


07 November 2014

(CLOSED) Live the Dream at APOLLO Music Festival (GIVEAWAY)

It may be sweater weather already, but it doesn't mean that you can't experience the carefree feeling of summer all over again! And what better way is there to bring back the summer feels than, say, going to a music festival?

Praise the music god(s) because two university organization giants have teamed up to bring you music, booze, food, and party all in one day! This coming November 14, 2014 (that's a week from now!), take on the experience as the University of the Philippines Junior Marketing Association (UP JMA) and the De La Salle University Business Management Society (DLSU BMS) bring you the first ever inter-university Music Festival, APOLLO: Live the Dream at the Globe Circuit Events Ground in Circuit Makati.

The lineup lists the bands Sponge Cola, The Ransom Collective, She's Only Sixteen, and The Cohens. Beats to dance to through the night will then be played by DJ Lucio Pua, DJ Marc Marasigan, and DJ Ace Ramos. Aside from that, expect good food, free-flowing drinks, and an awesome lights show!

UP JMA and DLSU BMS also partnered with Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, Inc. (FILSCAP) for this event. Together, they crafted APOLLO to become not just an incredible night for the people, but also a platform for young and emerging artists.

Once again, APOLLO: Live the Dream will be happening on November 14, from 4PM onwards, at the Globe Circuit Events Ground in Circuit Makati. For more details, see their poster and/or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I would love to go to APOLLO (it would be my first music fest if ever)! Unfortunately, I can't, and I'm pretty bummed about it. Here's what I would have worn there though, just to give you guys an idea. People usually dress up in hipster outfits for music festivals, and nothing screams "hipster" more than the shirt-around-the-waist trend. Well, that, after florals and fringes at least (which I both don't have, sadly). 

T-shirt dresses have got to be my new favorite thing! (I got this one from my first visit to H&M's first branch here in the Philippines.) They are so comfy, which is why I thought it would be perfect to wear one to a music festival! Boots are also a good footwear of choice to complete the whole look. (I know there's still quite a touch of grunge in my outfit though, can't help it haha!) Oh, and don't forget to bring sunnies! Not only are they stylish, they are also handy in shielding your eyes from the sun.

T-shirt dress: H&M
Denim polo: Cotton On
Cut-out boots: Topshop
Necklace, v-midi rings, & earrings: Forever 21
Plain midi rings: Infinitine
Tattoo choker: Fudge Rock
Bracelet: Rastaclat

So there's some outfit inspiration for you! Have you gotten your tickets to APOLLO yet?

If you haven't, you came to the right place! In my absence, I am giving four (4) lucky people the chance to experience APOLLO!

Yes, I'm hosting a giveaway! You can join in two (2) easy ways:
  1. Follow @_erikarosales (that's me!) and @APOLLOmusicfest on Instagram. and regram my Style & Sundry x APOLLO post with #STYLEANDSUNDRYxAPOLLO #APOLLOMusicFestival. Don't forget to tag me and the person you want to go with to the event as well!
  2. For those who don't have any Instagram, you also have a chance! Just like APOLLO Music Festival on Facebook, share this post (make sure it's public, and tag your friend!) and leave a comment below containing the following details:
FB Name
Email address

There will be two (2) winners (one here, and one from Instagram) of two (2) tickets each. You can do both and/or share as many times as you want-- more entries, more chances of winning! I will be choosing the winners at random. (However, I'll make sure that a person only wins once.) Winners will be announced on the evening of Wednesday, November 12.

Good luck everyone! I wish I could say "see you there", but I can't so I'll just simply say, have a blast! (I'm sure you will, even without me saying so!)

EDIT (11/12/14):
Congratulations to the 2 winners:

Jasmine Gines from Facebook &
@joooooooooohnoh from Instagram!

Please email me at e.rsls@yahoo.com by tomorrow, 12NN to find out how you can get your tickets. (Failure to contact me by then will invalidate your win)

To everyone else who joined the giveaway, thank you so much!

x Erika Rosales


25 October 2014

Living For The Night Lights

Last August 15, the organization which I am a part of, the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants - De La Salle University Chapter (JPIA-DLSU), hosted a party to welcome the new school year. It was entitled "Xanadu: Live For The Night Lights", and was held at the APEX Palladium at New World Makati.

I love parties for two things (well three, if you count the company): the music and-- well-- the dressing-up. For club parties like these, I always go with a pair of shorts. And of course, I don't forget about wearing heels. Like most people, I went with black (and white). Huge thanks to our master photographer, Tereynz Mendoza, for taking my outfit shots outside the venue haha!

Top: Topshop
Shorts: Forever 21
Platforms: DAS (custom)
Fitclip: Renouveau Manila
Earrings: Franzl Bajada (custom)

Yes, my friends-- those are heelless shoes. Quite crazy isn't it, especially when I wore it at a party? But I'll have you know, it didn't hinder me from having fun and dancing the night away!

The pair was my gift to myself when I turned eighteen last year. I got it customized based on the Alexander McQueen-esque DAS 17 design. The distinct thing about my pair is the spikes on the mary-jane straps. Please don't mind the stains on the toes-- I cleaned them up after

I'll confess: my top is one size bigger, hence the loose fit. That is what happens when you are too excited to buy a wonderful item that's on sale lol. But it's not just the top that's big! The shorts, too; that is why I took on the help of my ever-reliable fitclip. Here's a photo of what it looks like from the back!

Yup, it's that black strap at the back. Not quite sure if I've mentioned it here on my blog before, but I'm planning to sell some clothes (brand-new and preloved) on Instagram! These pieces might make it to the sale. If you're interested, feel free to follow my soon-to-open store: The Closet Case (there I go with my puns again). I initially planned on opening it in early September, but I'll have to push back the date since I'm busy with school.

Right ahead is a bunch of photos of my face (sorry I'm not sorry). It was my first time putting on falsies! It's amazing how much they liven up the eyes. Unfortunately, my lashes are naturally short, and I can't put on mascara to save my life. I also wore circle lenses-- something that I usually do when I go to special occasions. I have black and brown doll lenses, but these grey ones are my favorite; they look natural yet not-so. (I'm hoping to have blue ones someday, too!) For my lids, I attempted to make them smokey. I also filled my eyebrows (they're the most important part for me!). Since my eyes were already dramatic, I went with a light shade on my lips. I finished the look with some contouring using a bronzer/blush (of course after putting on BB cream as moisturizer and dabbing on some concealer).

I didn't even realize my bottom eyeliner was messed up until I saw this photo lol

Contact lenses: Sparkle
False eyelashes: KAI Beauty Care Eye Decoration (from Sasa)
Eyeshadow: Collection Smokey Eyes palette
Eyebrows: H&M Smokey Eyes palette
Eyeliner: Cyber Colors 24hr Eyeliner Duo (from Sasa)
Bronzer/blush: Benefit Dallas
Lipstick: Collection Satin Bow + MAC Rebel

I also attempted to sport a faux pixie. I rarely do something complicated with my hair when I go to parties; but this time, I felt like trying out something new. I've been so sick of my ├╝ber long hair that I figured I should do something special with it.

To start off, I sprayed some Sea Salt Spray from Lush. My hair is naturally smooth and straight, so it needs a boost in the texture department which the spray could give. It was my first ever purchase from Lush and I have no regrets at all-- it smells really good, like the beach! What I did next was I tied the bottom part of my hair into a bun. For the remaining sections, I braided. them and pinned them at the back. It's really messy at the back (as you'll see below) though!

Did you see my gorgeous soutache earrings? They're handmade with love from Cebu! The pair is actually customized from the Franzl Bajada's Imperatrice - Belle design! Due to the changes that I wanted, it ended up looking like a hybrid of the Cinderella and the Belle designs, and it was perfect! If you've noticed, her Imperatrice collection is Disney-inspired! When I saw the collection, I knew I had to buy a pair for myself! I was looking for statement earrings to wear with the rest of this outfit, and I ordered right away. The transaction was very quick. A great experience for my first time buying online, really. Ms. Franzl just launched a new collection, Sweet Bonbons, by the way. Feel free to check it out too!

Whew, that was a lengthy post! To end this post, I'm leaving you guys with one of the many photos from the party (spot me!) and the after-party video (both courtesy of Tereynz Mendoza again). These doesn't even show a quarter of how wild and fun the party was! Contrary to popular opinion, accountants do know how to have fun! I definitely can't wait for more parties that our org will throw in the future!

x Erika Rosales