30 March 2014


Second post! I'm sneaking this in with loads of school work that I have to do. Things are getting really stressful now, but I guess what gets me going is the thought that these will be over soon. I guess life is just really fond of making us suffer before all the good stuff haha.

Well anyway, I'm posting about my OOTN last night! I attended a friend's debut. Black and pink were prohibited, so I really had to find a new dress because-- for some odd reason-- most of my dresses are black. So much for LBD haha!

I'm not complaining though, because I just found this perfect dress! It's one of those things that make me feel like a legit blogger, because I've seen fashion bloggers wear it. So when I saw it, I knew I had to get it. I just love the cut because it gives me the curves that I don't have, really! I loved the color too. It's bright, and that's something new for me. It stood somewhere between yellow and lime green. What was funny was, at the party, in the photobooth, the camera thought my dress was a green screen! So in the pictures, I looked like I was part of the background lol.

Before buying the dress, I already knew the accessories I'd wear with it. I thought of colorblocking. I already had a pink clutch at home which I really bought for colorblocking, so that was a check on my list.

What I went to hunt for were earrings. The dress had a sweetheart neckline, so I had to accessorize on the upper part. I went with dangling earrings instead of wearing a chunky necklace. I wanted to get blue tassel earrings, but couldn't find any. Anyway, I found these chain ones which were just as lovely! Where I found it, you'd be surprised! Sometimes you just find the best pieces in the most unexpected places. The ring was just something I grabbed on impulse before I left the house. It's prolly not obvious in the photo, but the gem is actually violet.

For the shoes, I just went with nude to tame things down. Since my outfit had gold accents, I wore my spiked heels which were one of the pairs I wore during my debut (which I will post about soon, by the way!). The spikes actually popped one of the balloons on the floor in the party last night, oops.

Moving on from the accessories to the makeup! (Smooth transition there, yeah) I usually go for winged eyeliner for parties, but this time I did it with a twist. Instead of using eyeliner to "wing it", I just used eyeshadow! Got the inspiration from Sam Pinto's Instagram photo (I don't even remember how I ended up there).

Next, my hair. I really didn't know what to do with it. I didn't want to let it down because that's my usual look. I first planned on a donut bun, but I figured it might make me look a lot like an Oriental girl (which I actually am so lol), with the winged eye makeup and all. So I thought, why not braid it, a la Elsa of Frozen? (in line with that, I would like to thank my mom for braiding it for me hihi) It was later on when I realized that, just appropriately, my dress was off-shoulder too like Elsa's.

Dress: Apartment 8 || Heels: Forever 21
Earrings: E.G.G. (Exciting Gifts & Goodies) || Clutch: SM Accessories

So there, that's last night's outfit broken down. For today, I decided to wear something summer-y. Too bad I forgot to wear shades. I realized getting hit by the sun in the eyes helps you look tough in pictures though, lol.

The denim vest was something that I found someplace I never shopped at. The skirt was something given to me I think a year or two ago. It was big for me, but it was too cute I couldn't let it go. So I'm glad I had a fitclip (that's the black thing on the photo above; clipped it at the back, so it was hidden by the vest)! Bought it from Renouveau Manila. They sell inside the campus because they're by students, but they sell online too!

Tank top: Uniqlo || Denim Vest: K2 || Skirt: Old Navy
Rings: Aldo & Forever 21 || Sandals: Zara || Fitclip: Renouveau Manila

Oh by the way, we went to Century City Mall. A lot of the stores aren't open yet, but it's nice there. We tried out CaliBurger. It was very reminiscent of In-N-Out! Not too far from that, I say. Loved their chocolate milkshake though!

So that was my weekend. Back to school-- well, not like it left me anyway, with all the projects huhu. Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading! I added a 'Subscribe Via Email' feature on the side btw, so you guys might want to try that. Thanks!!

x Erika Rosales

16 March 2014


Hello and welcome! I'm Erika Rosales, and this is my blog *wow such big phrase right there* called "Style and Sundry". I don't exactly know how to start, so please bear with me.

 A lot of my friends have been urging me to start blogging. I myself have always wanted to do so, too, but I was always afraid that I wouldn't be able to keep it up. Well anyway, it's quite obvious that I gave in, because here we are. I'm still not certain that I will be able to maintain this though (given that I've had a bad track record-- let's save that for some other time). So just hang in there and let's see where this "adventure" will end up! I have a couple of posts lined up; but for now, here's my first outfit post. Yay!


If you guys have been following me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I've had some nice backdrop lately. Well, I just found my favorite #OOTD shoot location which is-- Paco Park! I just love how the place has this hedge that's perfect for "sweet" looks, and brick walls for "edgy" ones. So whenever we hear mass there, I try to make it a point to have my pictures taken (by my ever-so-patient father, no less *using his phone*).

I know it's summer already, but I felt like dressing up for spring. Oh how I wish the Philippines had spring! I have to say, it's my favorite season. It's between summer and winter, so it's just the right kind of hot with some kind of windy.

What I wore was actually a top, but I was being stubborn so I decided to wear it as a "dress". But hey, that's why I wore stockings underneath! I figured wearing leggings would be too hot. I used to wear the top with shorts, but now I find it troublesome tucking it in.

Sheer stockings + lace socks + vintage loafers! ♥

*Please excuse my face, I kinda forgot to smile huehue. Also, rush post-processing was done by me. I'll figure out the permanent "filter" that I'll be using on my pictures soon.

If you're wondering where I got my lace socks, I actually got them from the kids' department. Shhh.

So yeah, my accessories are predominantly brown leather.

Love my nail polish! I wonder how long they will last. I've turned into a bad caretaker when it comes to manicure, and I don't even know why, sigh. (Wearing maroon Orly *forgot to take note of the name sorry*, c/o Nailogy at Robinson's Manila!)

 Top: Mango || Loafers: Cole Haan (vintage) || Watch: Tommy Hilfiger (vintage) || Satchel: H&M

Okay, when I say "vintage", it's most probably my mom's way, way before and she already gave it to me (or I declared it mine, same thing, really haha).

That's all for my first post! I would appreciate it if you leave some love for me by commenting below. Thanks so much!!