25 October 2015

Turning Twenty

I have always thought that twenty was a pretty lame age-- you drop the "teen", but you don't quite get any more "adult" either: still can't quite play in the casino, nor drink in the United States. But don't get me wrong, I don't have any vices nor do I plan on turning those into such. (I probably would just spin once in Las Vegas when I'm twenty-one, and bet on beginner's luck.)

04 October 2015

Shopping in Singapore (A Haul Post)

Finally posting about my Singapore haul!!! I definitely love the items that I got during my trip almost five months ago. It's been a while, so at this point, I've worn everything already at least once haha! By the way, you'll notice that I ended up getting monochrome pieces. Actually, I've been pretty hooked on basics lately, so that figures. (Meanwhile, my mom is glaring at my increasingly-turning-black wardrobe hehe.)