17 April 2016

Cruise 2015: What a Ketch-ikan

Our cruise's second to the last port of call was Ketchikan, Alaska. While there were excursions offered in the place, we chose to do without any of them and instead discover the city for ourselves. Plus, the excursion choices didn't appeal to us as if they were worth spending over anyway haha!

02 April 2016

La Vie En Rose

Sometimes it's all about the small details. Rose-tinted sunglasses, a light rose top, and a rose-shaped ring too; the pun game sure is strong. But really, it (la vie en rose) is about seeing things in a positive light. Just like how I've been telling myself: just a few more weeks, and I'll finally be free! After all, with the increasingly unbearable heat, it's hard to deny that summer's already here.