30 December 2015

2015 Instagram Recap

As we reach page 365 of the 2015 book (I wonder if anyone actually managed to keep up that thing), we can't help but look back at how the year has been for each of us. I love how my blog has made it easier for me to reminisce on things, especially since I love browsing through old photos. But I have always been more active on Instagram over my blog, so I thought of sharing here some of my 2015 snaps.

23 December 2015

Christmastime in the City

Iba talaga ang Paskong Pinoy (The Filipino way of [celebrating] Christmas is truly one-of-a-kind). For one, we have one of the longest Christmas seasons in the world, starting as early as September, when the Ber months roll in. Since Christmas Day will be in two (!!!) days, I thought I could share with you something that has somehow become our Christmas tradition: witnessing the lights show at the Ayala Triangle.

13 December 2015

Take it to the Streets

Contrary to the meaning of the idiomatic title, I actually don't have any problem. In fact, I'm happy that I finally got to shoot two outfits during APEC week (see the first one here)! In case you haven't noticed, I have become inclined to wearing neutral colors and basic pieces lately.

05 December 2015

Tough on the Outside

(... soft on the inside.) One of the best style tricks is to dress up in contrasts-- and I don't just mean colors. For example, I mixed delicate and rough textures by wearing a black lace romper from NewDress, and a fatigue jacket over it.