31 December 2017

The 2017 Recap

2016 me would not have seen it coming, but this year ended up being packed!

30 December 2017

Holidays at Disneyland

Characters in Christmas sweaters, a snow-topped castle, garlands all over-- who would've thought the happiest place on Earth could get even more magical?

24 December 2017

Season's Greetings

Christmas means a lot for everyone. It's a time for giving, celebrating, getting together, being with your loved ones, looking back, being grateful, sharing your blessings, and so much more. It's also a season full of hope, love, peace, and joy. Some people go all-out to celebrate, while some prefer to keep it simple; every household has its own traditions. Last 2016, our family had the opportunity to celebrate the season a little different than we usually do-- just one of many things that we're thankful for.

20 December 2017

Los Angeles: The Grove & Farmers Market

Ah, Christmas-- the most wonderful time of the year! How could you not agree when you can't help but marvel at how extra every place looks at this time? Speaking of "Extra," if you're familiar with the showbiz entertainment TV show of the same name, let me take you to one of their shooting locations in Downtown LA!

16 December 2017

Los Angeles: Beverly Hills & Hollywood

I didn't think I missed California until I came back after four long years. LA sure has its own charm, and it was wonderful walking among the stars (quite literally) and revisiting the most tourist-y spots in the city.

02 December 2017

Cebu: A Weekend in the City

In summer of this year, we managed to squeeze in a weekend trip to Cebu. It was my first time there; and I must say, that quick getaway definitely gave me a reason to come back. Presented in a format unusual from my usual, read about the 30 or so hours I spent in the Queen City of the South and its vicinity.

25 November 2017

Cebu: Temple of Leah

Ever since it opened to the public, Temple of Leah has become part of the "must-see places" in Cebu. So in the short span of time that we stayed in Cebu City last May, we made sure to squeeze this in our itinerary. The place is still under development and expansion, but it already makes for a visual spectacle.

13 November 2017

Kyoto: Kinkaku-ji and Arashiyama

It's been a while, hasn't it? With the holidays around, it seems like a lot of people have been going to Japan lately. And because that's making me miss the place a lot and I realized I still have a lot of backlogs (!), it's high time I bring back Japan on this blog. So here it is, the final entry to complete my Kyoto 2016 series: snippets on and snaps from Kinkaku-ji, Nishiki Market and Arashiyama.

12 June 2017

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Being born and raised in the metropolis, sneaking away to the less urban landscape is always a refreshing experience. Having a change of scenery where it feels like you're trapped in a different time? Even better.

04 June 2017

Kyoto: Fushimi Inari

Although our trip to Japan happened-- gasp!-- a little over a year ago, a feeling of wonder still washes over me every time I look back. There truly is something so captivating about Japan that makes you want to return over and over again. Even if its just through words and photographs, join me as I go back to one of Kyoto's top tourist attractions and highly-revered shrines.

23 April 2017

Osaka: Kuromon Market & Dotonbori

Osaka is truly a feast for the eyes and the tummy-- from its waking neon signs to its tempting food. And really, there's no better place to indulge your senses than the famous Dotonbori area.

15 April 2017

Bacolod: Of Sugar and Smiles

It may not look like it in this photo (or all the other photos because I was having too much fun making aura everywhere lol), but was definitely all smiles during our trip last month to the City of Smiles, Bacolod! Although it was a pretty gloomy weekend, I did not let the weather dampen the mood. It was my first time going to Bacolod and I'm torn between wanting to go back and not-- and for totally good reason. Know more below the cut!

19 February 2017

Osaka: Shinsekai

To most, Osaka is almost synonymous to blinding neon signs and mouth-watering street food. But there's more of those than what you'll find in the famous Dotonbori. So before I share with you everything about that tourist magnet, let me first take you to Shinsekai.

05 February 2017

Kyoto: Kiyomizu-dera & Gion

Also located in Japan's Kansai region, Kyoto is just approximately fifteen minutes from Osaka via the famous shinkansen (bullet train). Exploring the city puts you right in the heart of Japan-- or at least one of its chambers, as it was also once Japan's capital. It beats not erratically, but rather steadily. The song of coursing waters, brushing trees, and from a distance, the ringing bells, all become the soft thump, thump, thump.

15 January 2017

Osaka: Osaka Castle & Tenjimbashi-Suji

Osaka (well Japan in general) was like a dream-- one that I can remember vividly as if it was only a few days ago when really, it was months ago! The first capital of Japan is known for its abundance not only in food choices, but also historical and cultural marvels. It is almost a far cry from Japan's current capital city, which only adds to its captivating charm.

08 January 2017

That Windblown Effect

It's a brand new year! What are your resolutions for 2017? I don't usually make on for myself, but I have a feeling this year isn't going to be just another year for me, so guess what-- I went ahead and listed down a few resolutions! One of them is to blog more, and blog often. It's pretty ironic to kickstart with a backlog, but I have a lot to make up for. Plus, I've been dying to share my photos from the Pililla Wind Farm in Rizal, so it's good to finally be able to do so.