15 July 2018

Hawaii: Iolani Palace

Maybe it was due to the implications of the animated film Moana, but I didn't exactly associate the Renaissance with Polynesian royalties. That is, until I visited Iolani Palace in Honolulu.

15 June 2018

Chasing Blossoms

Last April, my family and I flew to Tokyo with the main goal of catching the sakura trees in bloom. Although the buds began opening up a week earlier than expected, we're glad to have seen a bunch of trees still covered in varying shades of pink at Shinjuku Gyo-en

03 June 2018

Hawaii: Kualoa Ranch

Whenever I hear "Hawaii," these are what come to mind: the beach, surfing, hula, all things tropical, and from time to time-- dinosaurs, too. Wait, what? Did I just say "dinosaurs"? You bet I did! September last year, I got a taste of the aloha way of life in Oahu, HI. Out of the tourist-y things I did, one of the highlights of my trip was seeing Kualoa Private Nature Reserve, also named "Jurassic Valley" after the Jurassic Park/World films shot there.

04 February 2018

San Francisco: Palace of Fine Arts

One day in San Francisco was all we had, and we used it to be typical tourists yet again. Some sights revisited, some seen for the first time-- but this has to be the highlight for me.

13 January 2018

Lights Out

LA is full of "instagrammable" spots, to say the least. One of them is Urban Light, an outdoor art installation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art or LACMA. Whether at day or night, it truly is a beautiful sight to behold.