26 July 2014

Preview Best-Dressed Ball 2014: Skin City

Last June 27, Preview Magazine-- the country's leading style magazine from Summit Media (we don't have a local Vogue, unfortunately)-- held its 19th anniversary ball dubbed "Skin City". It was an ode to the Vegas nightlife. Customarily, the event also celebrated the best-dressed ladies of the local fashion scene of the year, a list that many look forward to annually.

The Preview Best-Dressed Ball was an invite-only event, exclusive to big names in the industry-- from designers, to models, and up to style icons. I've loved Preview ever since I was young (I've always loved fashion although I only got the courage to show it a little late), and I've always dreamt of what it would be like to attend the ball. And so when Ms. Daryl Chang-- stylist and the magazine's fashion director-- held a contest on her Instagram account, I jumped the chance.

The contest was simple: she wanted to see/read about our visions for the theme of the event which was "Skin". Eagerly, I tapped into my creative writing skills, and came up with this:

Skin is the epitome of irony. It is being carefree, yet being conscious. Skin is being simple, yet being rebellious. Skin is being vulnerable, yet having no fear. It's revelling in the simplest things in the most extravagant ways. So I'll wear something in the wrong way that would give it even more justice, spice up the bare with gold, unleash the raven in me, and let go of all care that should have been thrown away the moment I stepped out of my bedroom. I am skin, skin is me. (Got my ensemble planned, but I wouldn't want to spoil it, would I?

Okay, I may have exaggerated a lot of the parts there, lol. But hey, anything to increase the chances of getting in! And with luck, I sure did! I was beyond ecstatic upon finding out.

Now before we go on to the "meat" of this post-- which is lots of photos from the event, yes, including some famous faces (for the Filipinos, at least; not sure if they're recognizable outside of the country), let's get it over with my OOTN for the event.

Top: Forever 21 || Skirt: from Korea
Ring-to-wrist bracelet: Aldo Accessories || Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

My outfit photos were actually taken after coming home from the event, hence the smudged makeup (and messy hair). I kinda liked the effect though. I mean, I literally just went all random on my eyeshadow and tried to make them smokey.. I'm not a makeup expert in any way, really. You know how you pile on too much makeup that it ends up looking better after a few hours when some of it has faded?

Since the theme was "Skin", I decided to go with neutral colors. Did you know that I actually wore the top the other way around? I found the "real" front of the top too plain, so I wore the very detailed back on the front. And that's exactly what I meant in my entry with "I'll wear something in the wrong way that would give it even more justice". So what did you think of my outfit?

Okay, now we move on to the real thing: the ball itself!

The event was held at Hyve, an upscale bar in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. I brought with me a friend, Deon, who I'm so glad could make it because I wouldn't have been allowed to go to the event alone (given that I didn't know anyone there). And I couldn't not go because it was a rare opportunity!!

Upon entering the venue (after checking my name on the guestlist hihi), there awaited the "red carpet" (which wasn't red at all, btw). Shamelessly, I walked up to it, stroke a pose for the camera, and had my own little "moment". Seeing as I was a nobody, I wasn't expecting they'd post it on their website, Style Bible. But when I saw my photo on the gallery, I couldn't contain my delight.

The photo above was grabbed from Preview's website; but the next photos are all mine (with a few by my friend). I'm so glad I decided to bring my camera and got to cover the event! I signed up as part of the media, so rest assured that these photos are taken with permission.

We made sure to maximize the opportunity of being part of the media. So Deon, with his outgoing personality, was the one who approached people to ask if we could take their photos, and I took the shots. (To be honest, I don't know all of the people pictured below.) And so, here's the photodump of the event, with some photos of the venue and setup as well. (There may be a few blurbs here and there, and name labels too under those I recognize.)

That's me! Unfortunately, I didn't win.

 Didn't win this one, either.

I spy Emma Stone at the back

Crystalle Henares (left)

Daryl Chang
Big thanks to her!! Got to chat with her a bit, and took a photo with her as well. Definitely my fave Preview editor. If her avant-gardian ways weren't enough to make her lovable, she's also really nice!

Maggie Wilson (right)

Asia's Next Top Model's Katarina Rodriguez
Second encounter with her. The first was at the Lee PhFW show.

 Dominique Cojuangco

Isabelle Daza
She's even more beautiful in person! Natural Filipina beauty. My favorite photo from the event is of hers, below. 

Jessica Yang (left)
Yang is one of Preview's best dressed for the year,

There's a snake in his pocket. No really, look closely.

Chanel Olive Thomas
Model (also Jake Cuenca's girlfriend)

Chanel Olive Thomas and Jessica Yang (right)

Adrianne Concepcion

Maxene Magalona

Andre Judd Chang

Ellen Adarna
 Cover girl of Preview's June issue, entitled "Skin".

Boom Sason
Fashion designer

Raymond Gutierrez (left) and Isabelle Daza

Raymond Gutierrez must be one of the few privileged people who can pull of wearing socks with sandals.

This man wanted a photo with Ellen Adarna (left), so here!

Laureen Uy of Break My Style (center) and Liz Uy (right)

 Details of their outfit. Liz Uy's nail polish is actually chrome.

Ever the stylish siblings-- Laureen, the fashion blogger, and Liz, the celebrity stylist.

Dani Barretto of Style is Eternal

Mikyle Quizon of Style Division (left) and Dani Barretto

Gab Valenciano

LA Aguinaldo (right)

America's Next Top Model's Allison Harvard

Meeting Allison was the highlight of my experience! She was my bet in ANTM Season 12. She has been staying in the country for a few months already, and I was almost starting to think that I'd never get to see her in person. So I definitely freaked out when I saw her at the event. Of course I had to take a photo with her, you can see it on my Instagram! (Feel free to follow me there too, hihi.)

I had to leave quite early because I had class the next morning, so my timing was just perfect when I was about to leave and saw Allison Harvard just coming in.

As this post comes to an end, I present to you screenshots (like, literally) of the Best Dressed women chosen by Preview for this year! You can click the photos to see them more clearly.

Aaaaand as an ending to this post, here's a photo of me at the event itself (thanks Deon for taking this one!):

I got the bangle (it lights up and changes color!) from the Dice game!

So that's my experience at the Preview Best-Dressed Ball 2014. Hopefully I get the chance to go again next year haha! What did you think of my coverage? Any outfits you liked? Any faces you recognize? Let me know!

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x Erika Rosales