31 December 2016

My 2016 Highlights

2016 has been a wild ride in many levels! On a personal level, I am overwhelmed with how generous this year has been to me. I'll be sharing some of the wonderful things that happened to me this 2016-- all after the break!

21 December 2016

Osaka: Universal Studios Japan

I was so excited to go to Universal Studios Japan for two major reasons: one, I can finally visit a Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and; two, we can already say that we have been to all Universal Studios theme parks across the globe!  (It's a feat that's easier to achieve than Disney, but a wonderful milestone nonetheless) Out of all the Universal Studios parks, I can't exactly pinpoint a favorite; but I can definitely say that USJ has something special about it.

09 December 2016

Osaka: Ichiran Ramen

The name may or may not ring a bell, but you've surely heard of it before. This specific Japanese chain has become viral for being "a ramen store perfect for introverts", as they say. As a self-confessed ramen junkie and introvert, allow me to share my thoughts on Ichiran Ramen-- all below the break.