17 November 2016

Streets of Seattle

To be honest, I had a completely different write-up for this post; but it's been so long ago (more than a year!) that it felt more appropriate to put in something fresh. The funny thing is, I just took this Buzzfeed quiz on "Which Hipster US City Should You Live in Based on Your Starbucks Order?" and wanna know my result? You guessed it, Seattle! The birthplace of Starbucks, no less.

Seattle 2015: Space Needle

Ah, a classic Seattle landmark-- the Space Needle. It's the futuristic-looking tower in the title sequence of Grey's Anatomy, as well as some other films or TV series supposedly set in the city of Seattle. If you're a Windows interface user (like I am), you may even recognize it from one of the default wallpaper choices. It should come as no surprise though since Microsoft founder Bill Gates was actually born in Seattle, WA.

Seattle 2015: Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market has got to be one of the most iconic marketplaces in the world. Besides being home to the original Starbucks coffee shop (which you can read about in the second half of a previous post), it also boasts a bountiful selection of undoubtedly fresh seafood and other produce. While we didn't exactly get to buy anything, it was interesting getting to experience the market for ourselves.