19 September 2014

Shades of Grey

With my mostly black and white wardrobe, of course that title was bound to be used lol (Just to clarify, I never did and never will read the book/s) This is just one of those times that I try to be like Lua P. of Le Happy (which is like, 50% of the time).

Top: Victoria's Secret PINK
Maxi skirt, bralet, & earrings: Forever 21
Boots: Topshop
Bag: Nine West (vintage)
Cherry necklace: H&M
Bangles, & black stone ring: Divisoria

For this look, I just scrambled in my drawer for old accessories. I even turned a ball chain into a choker because I don't have a legit one huhu. (But I've now learnt how to make a tattoo choker so yay!) I also amped up the grunge of the look by sporting thicker eyeliner.

Oh my gosh, is it almost the end of the world??? This is probably the shortest entry I've ever made hahaha! (I guess this is to make up for the next entry in my backlog-- which I've already written-- and it's pretty lengthy!)

Feel free to leave a comment below! I know I haven't replied to the previous ones I've got (ever since my last post 3 months ago oops), but I'll respond someday I promise haha! Getting close to the end of my backlogs yay <3

x Erika Rosales

06 September 2014

Dungaree Dressing

It seems to have become a ritual for us to go out every special holiday and wander at The Fort. Well, what can I say, the place is like a haven for food-trips. With that, I guess it goes without saying that every day spent there is a cheat day *hides face*.

Apart from that, I also consider every day like such as an opportunity to dress up freely, without having to mind any dress code. For this particular day (gosh, I've forgotten what holiday this was, so much for backlogs), I've decided to go back to the 90's and channel one of my favorite bloggers, Luanna Perez of Le Happy.

Top: Hollister
Dungaree: H&M
Boots: Dr. Marten's
Backpack: Ralph Lauren (vintage)
Headband: Forever 21
Rings: Infinitine

Yes, I've worn this dungaree/shortall before. They're my only pair haha! But hey, repeating clothes is okay as long as you mix-and-match, right? I've got to say, this goes to my list of most favorite personal looks.

That day, we decided to eat breakfast out so we can try Early Bird Breakfast Club! They have a branch at BGC, but we ate at their Century City Mall branch (just because). Be ready for a sudden change in filters

Early Bird Breakfast Club
G/F Century City Mall
Makati City

Though the shoestring potatoes on the first dish were delish, the main star of the breakfast would be the Yin and Yang champorado! I've never tried anything like it-- made of white chocolate and dark chocolate! The combination is perfect. The dilis also complements the chocolate rice porridge with its saltiness. To top it all off, its presentation was beautiful. Not sure if people normally eat dessert after breakfast; but anyway, we got a slice of Chocolate Ginger Torte for free-- thanks to Camille Co's mobile app!

For lunch, we headed over to Todd English Food Hall. There're a lot of dishes to choose from! The most amusing thing about it is, you can watch them be prepared in different sections of the hall, depending on the cuisine.

Todd English Food Hall
SkyPark, SM Aura Premier
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

We could have ordered more, except we were still quite full from that morning's breakfast. The soft tacos, The Classic flat pizza, and goat cheese ravioli were all scrumptiously satisfying though! For someone like me who is very picky when it comes to Italian food, my statement on the last two dishes say a lot. I wouldn't be opposed to the thought of going back there and trying their other choices!

My outfit here is actually my top OOTD on Instagram! I have four (4) more posts left in my backlog after this. Unfortunately, school's back this Monday *grimaces*, so I'm not quite sure about my updates here. But I'm trying to post-process and write all my backlogs already so I can just post them on queue! Feel free to follow me on IG though...I'll be a lot more alive there haha!

x Erika Rosales