19 March 2016

Cruise 2015: Crossing to Canada

From Skagway, we crossed over the Canadian border to Yukon. This was our second excursion for the day, with the first one being an all-in Alaskan experience, as I shared in Part 1 of my Skagway story.

A yellow school bus picked us up at the port and brought us to their garage, where all the for-rent Jeeps were kept. When we chose this excursion, I was hoping I could drive. Unfortunately, I was two years short of the age requirement. It was fine though, because I had a blast absorbing the views during the road trip! I also had the liberty to take as many snaps as I can, which actually kind of made it hard for me to narrow down which ones to include in this post hahaha.

The drive along the Klondike Highway was long (around four hours back and forth, if I remember correctly). However, time was virtually nothing compared to how magnificent the scenery was! There were pine trees everywhere, some waterfalls, and mountains dusted with snow. There were also some bodies of water that looked glorious in all their blueness.

On our way to Yukon, we stopped by Carcross, a small village. It was originally called Caribou Crossing, due to the abundance of said animals in the place. However, we didn't spot any during our brief stopover.

The climax of our trip-- literally and figuratively-- was a stunning panoramic visual of Yukon  At the peak, the whole group parked their Jeeps and gathered together for a snack of crackers, pepper jack cheese, salmon spread, and caribou sausage. They all meshed perfectly for the palate, honestly.

As our convoy of Jeeps drove back to Alaskan territories, we made another stop at a truly underrated wonder of nature. From where we stood, it looked like the waters stretched infinitely from left and right.

The Yukon Jeep ride was truly a joyride. But for people who are not so keen with the idea of driving for hours on their own, there's the White Pass Rail which takes the similar route.

Talking about Canada, we got to visit another part of the country during our Alaskan cruise-- the wonderful British Columbia. Stay tuned for my post on BC!


  1. Hi! I was wondering what camera you used to take these beautiful photos? <3 Nice blog, btw :-)

    1. Hi there! I used a Nikon D90 here, thank you so much for dropping by!!! :)