11 October 2014

Good Gold

Weeks ago, I received my second-ever blogger mail. I know, right! The feeling of receiving a package is beyond delightful. It feels even greater when it's free! It's like Christmas gone early.
What did the parcel contain, you ask? Why, lovely accessories from Born Pretty Store! Since I cannot wait to share with you guys the goodies I received (and I'm actually already weeks late at it), I'm jumping the queue yet again with this fresh post. I'm so glad my Tagaytay adventure during the holiday gave me a chance to finally shoot these jewelries! (Photo-diary will be posted soon!)

I got to choose what pieces I would like for free, so I chose three gold items. The first one on my list was-- you guessed it-- this gold body chain (also available in silver)! I have been dying for one since it became a trend, and that was around a year ago! Now, I can say I belong with the likes of Queen Bey, RiRi, and also Miley! The design's just simple, but that's exactly how I like it. The length was also just right! If only I had a booty though, it would have draped more nicely at the bottom haha!

I also got this gold ring (also available in silver) because I liked its V-shape. I have always been wary of getting gold fashion jewelry because I am acidic. That means, fake gold tarnishes pretty quickly on me. But guess what! This ring stayed gold even when I wore it for a whole day! It also did not leave any green mark on my skin. It was even subjected to water and soap several times during the day, but it kept its color. Its gold plating is good; I wish all gold fancy jewelry were like this.

Once again, please excuse my manicure.
The last thing I got, this heart bangle, was adorable beyond sorts. Turns out, it's actually seamless! The only downside is that, it was kinda too big for me. Actually, I just naturally have thin wrists. Therefore, I had to be extra careful about making sure it did not fall off. Of course, I did not want to lose it.

Again, you can get these blings and a lot more choices at Born Pretty Store. If jewelry isn't your thing, you should still check them out! They pretty much sell everything from clothes, gadget cases, contact lenses, and even stationery! So what are you waiting for? Like them on Facebook, and head on over to their online site to view their products. Oh, and don't forget to enter my code "HFB10" upon checkout to get 10% off on your order! Happy shopping!

x Erika Rosales

PS: If you would also like to send me some items (for a review and/or feature), feel free to send me an email at e.rsls@yahoo.com!



  1. Love this dress, you look stunning :)


  2. I love your dress. So nice. As well as the accessories


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  4. In love with this outfit ♥ maxi dresses really are a gem

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