06 December 2014

Of Stripes and Straw Hats

Whoa, it feels like I haven't posted in forever! Been busy with schoolwork, that's why. Right now seems to be the calm before the storm (literally and figuratively, oops) though, so I took the chance to post something new!

This one's from my quick weekend getaway to Davao last November 15 to 17. This is actually why I missed the Apollo Music Festival which I previously posted about. I admit, I would've loved to go to Apollo, but I definitely enjoyed in Davao! I have never been there before, but I have heard wonderful things about the place. So naturally, I was excited.

There wasn't much to do there, really. It was more of a place for chilling and eating haha! (And I assure you, that was just as fun for me.) As someone who grew up in the ever-bustling Manila, I definitely enjoyed the serenity in Davao City. I will be posting a photodiary of my trip though sometime during the holiday break; there, you'll find about the things we did and the places we ate at!

Here's my Day 1 outfit. I never got to post about this on my Instagram. It was my first time wearing an off-shoulder top! This style seems to be the craze lately, so of course I gave it a try. It was just perfect for the hot weather in Davao, actually. I'm kinda not loving how it scrunches in the bottom though, as you can see in the photos.

Top: Greenhills
Shorts: Uniqlo
Boots: Topshop
Rucksack: Ralph Lauren (vintage)
Hat: Kultura
Watch: Swatch (vintage)

Because I wanted to pack light, I brought with me a pair of shoes that would match all my outfits-- my cutout booties. I purposely went for a monochrome look, except my bag kind of ruined it. But hey, I realized I need more rucksacks in my life because they are so handy for traveling!

To top my outfit off, I wore a summer hat everywhere I went. I wanted a floppy hat so bad, so I went looking for one before our trip! It's more of a straw hat rather than the trendy suede one, but it's black, so I believe it's just as chic. I actually just found it in SM Department Store!

So this is my Day 1 outfit; we pretty much just had a foodtrip so I wasn't able to take outfit pictures somewhere fancy. I just had these taken at the poolside of our hotel lol. Day 2 made up for all the scenery though! Will post my Day 2 outfit separately soon.

Wishing for everyone's safety in the coming days! And of course, good luck with hell week!

x Erika Rosales



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  3. I love your top! Great outfit babe! x


  4. Hi Erika! I just found your blog and you got style girl! Hehe :)


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  6. hahaha i would've also gone everywhere with that straw hat. looks so chic on you :)

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  7. I love your backpack!