25 July 2015

Fullerton and Food

On our fourth day at Singapore, we found ourselves at the Central Business District of Singapore. From Clarke Quay, we followed the Singapore River further downtown. After taking obligatory tourist photos with the famous Merlion, as well as Marina Bay, we headed back to Somerset for a hearty food fest courtesy of my uncle.

Dress: Uniqlo
Shoes: Charles & Keith

Another Singapore panoramaaaaaa!

Before we get on to the meaty (quite literally) part, let's talk about what happened in the morning! We decided to devote that morning to shopping, so our first destination was Changi City Point, which was a station away from the airport. We actually got there quite early and the shops were still closed so we decided to kill some time by looking for a supermarket. There was a Fair Price on the next block, except the roads were closed because there was a new MRT station being constructed (they are working on a Downtown line). Therefore, we had to round the block to get to the other side. After buying some stuff, we've killed enough time to finally catch the stores at City Point open. We all coincidentally ended up buying shoes, but all in good price since the mall is actually an outlet center.

After Changi, we dropped off the items at our hotel (unlimited rides, remember?) and went to Singapore's famous shopping destination-- you guessed it-- Bugis! We first ate lunch at Popeye's because we missed the taste of their southern food. We never failed to eat some of Popeye's whenever we were in America. I remember they opened a franchise here in the Philippines but I guess the people never warmed up to their take on the fried chicken, so they closed down eventually. Their biscuits are really good though! And of course the chicken and cajun rice.

That evening, we were meeting up with my uncle who was currently residing there. After combing the alleys of Bugis Junction, we returned to our hotel. After resting and freshening up, we finally headed to Raffles Place, where we were supposed to meet up. Upon exiting the Raffles Place MRT station, we were greeted by the view of Clarke Quay and the CBD. My dad remembered from our last trip that the Merlion Park was just near (we took the boat tour before), so we walked our way towards the park.

My uncle was supposed to bring us to this rooftop bar (with a stunning view of the city) in Raffles Place but alas the weather would not let us-- it started drizzling just as we were going back to the quay from Merlion Park. As an alternative, he brought us to Marché instead.

Marche is a European food hall that's well-loved by locals (and I guess tourists alike). They have many locations in Singapore-- in fact they have one in Raffles Place, but we decided to eat at their branch at 313@Somerset instead. I also remember seeing one at VivoCity, and there were crazy lines, though I never understood why until now.

They give each person a card, so when you head to any section (salad, pasta, seafood, desserts, etc.), you hand them the card and they charge your order there. You pay for everything upon leaving the restaurant. (thanks Tito Mon for the treat!!!!).

I definitely love the rustic vibes of the restaurant-- and I can say the food tastes just as good as how the interiors look! There are definitely a lot of choices that, for some reason, feel organic. We got some steak, a plate of pasta, and last but not the least: ROSTI. Their rosti is so good!! As I am writing this, I am definitely craving for some. Rosti is a Swiss dish made of shredded potatoes-- kind of like Swiss hash browns, yeah? At Marché, an order comes with some sour cream on the side, and a meat of choice (we got sausage). To top it all off, we got ourselves some cake (one strawberry shortcake, and one chocolate torte, I think?). I actually wanted some ice cream too, but I had to have some self-control haha!

When you go to Singapore, or Europe (since that's where Marché originally came from any way), make sure to try out Marché! It's definitely worth the waiting and the calories hehe.

One more day (and a haul post), then my Singapore series is complete!

x Erika Rosales

PS: I used a VSCO preset on my photos + decided to put up all photos first and then the narration, watcha guys think? Yay or nay?


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