28 July 2015

Haji Lane

On our last day in Singapore, we managed to squeeze in some time to stroll down Haji Lane before heading to the airport. We also managed to chance upon this adorable cat cafe called Meomi. Since we had some time to kill and we have a soft spot for cats, we decided to check it out.

Apparently they print your photo on the froth itself!

Meet Oreo


It's Mario!


Curley (check out those ears!!!)


Potential cat meme

I believe we got to Haji Lane at around 9:30 in the morning, and it was still pretty early, so the shops were still closed. But that didn't stop us from taking pictures! It was like an explosion of art in a surprisingly tiny street. I thought the stretch of Haji Lane was longer and wider, until we actually got there. Nevertheless, it's great how each store has its own quirky theme.

After strolling down the lane, we experienced chilling in a cat cafe for the first time. The moment was actually very spontaneous, since we just spotted it as we were on our way to Haji Lane! It's very not far off from the lane, just maybe a couple of steps when coming from the Bugis MRT station. I must say, Meomi Cat Cafe is a pretty decent place! It's very clean and well-maintained, it doesn't reek of cat smell whatsoever. And the cats are just so cute!!!! There are 7 cats all-in-all, all of different breeds. We were told that the crowd favorite is Mario, but personally I loved Oreo because s/he's so chubby (PS: their wi-fi password then was "oreoisnotpregnant" hahaha!) The owner is very hands-on with his cats and the business overall, and he was very accommodating. He gladly talked to us about the cats and their maintenance, and gave us tips on how to catch their attention. Since cats are nocturnal, it was still too early for them to be energetic, but they were playful enough when it came to their favorite toys.

We stayed there for an hour, which was the minimum for the entrance fee (with a complimentary drink). Afterwards, we headed back to Bugis. On our way back, I spotted this wonderful art deco hotel. Anyways, we ended up in Orchard in search of some hawker stalls we ate at during our previous trip. We were hoping to eat chili crab and stingray at this hawker stall beside Concorde Hotel. Unfortunately, it was a Monday, and Singaporeans seem take it as their rest day, so the stalls were closed. We ended up eating at FoodRepublic (again) in Orchard Central, where I got lechon macau haha.

It's sad we didn't get to eat chili crab and stingray during our stay (save for that chilli crab and pork buns from Din Tai Fung); but hey, our Singapore trip was really fun!! Overall, stuff there are quite pricey though (like compared to Hong Kong), but the experience is worth it. And now we've reached the last part of my Singapore photodiary. Hope you guys enjoyed following it! Up next: my Singapore shopping haul!

x Erika Rosales

PS: Achievement unlocked! I just got featured on When In Manila as one of the Fashionistas for July!!! Check out the article here.


  1. Your photos are amazing dear!! Congrats on you feature!! You really deserve it! :)


  2. Absolutely amazing photos, I am blown away!