25 October 2015

Turning Twenty

I have always thought that twenty was a pretty lame age-- you drop the "teen", but you don't quite get any more "adult" either: still can't quite play in the casino, nor drink in the United States. But don't get me wrong, I don't have any vices nor do I plan on turning those into such. (I probably would just spin once in Las Vegas when I'm twenty-one, and bet on beginner's luck.)

Dress: Cotton On
Sneakers: Nike (Free Viritous)
Sunglasses: Uniqlo

Last October 3, I celebrated my twentieth birthday. We opted for a simple celebration-- just a hearty lunch at Mamou. Believe me when I say that they have the best steak in the country. There's a reason we keep coming back to them, after all.

Afterwards, we took a walk down High Street-- which if you don't know yet, is one of my favorite areas to shoot at. For my special day, I decided to dabble into athleisure by donning a ribbed bodycon midi dress with my latest favorite pair: my Nike Free Virtus. I actually first saw them on The Blonde Salad's Chiara Ferragni and fell in love-- so glad I found them during our US trip last August (which I have to resume blogging about oops)!

I didn't actually do any shopping that day, except for some new reads at Fully Booked: Good Omens (which I initially wanted to read because Colin Morgan played Newt in a radio adaptation), and To Kill a Mockingbird (which I bought for a reading assignment, until it was announced recently that they're no longer part of the list... but that's fine because it's a classic so I'll read it eventually!).

And because "birthday" is synonymous to "cheat day" (right???) , I went ahead and indulged on some very crunchy and very yummy churros from La Lola Churreria (of course I shared them, don't look at me like that!)

I have always thought that twenty was a pretty lame age-- but then I remembered that this age is bound to be just as momentous as everything else. It's great to think that at twenty, I will be graduating from college!!!(It would be cool if I'll be a certified public accountant at the same age too, but then I'll be taking the board examination in October 2016, so technically I'll be 21 by the time the results come out.) And well, who knows what else this year has in store for me? I say-- bring it on!

Speaking of age, I'm pretty bummed that we didn't have places like Kidzania and DreamPlay when my generation (gee, do I sound old) was a lot younger.

x Erika Rosales

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