04 October 2015

Shopping in Singapore (A Haul Post)

Finally posting about my Singapore haul!!! I definitely love the items that I got during my trip almost five months ago. It's been a while, so at this point, I've worn everything already at least once haha! By the way, you'll notice that I ended up getting monochrome pieces. Actually, I've been pretty hooked on basics lately, so that figures. (Meanwhile, my mom is glaring at my increasingly-turning-black wardrobe hehe.)

This time around, I've decided to keep the prices* of the items confidential (mostly because I can't recall them anymore), save for the ones which I believe are excellent deals. But like my very first haul post (from Seoul), I will be sharing where I got them!

*Note: 1 SG$ = roughly 0.78 US$ or 35 PHP


Long top with slits (Forever 21 ION Orchard)
I've always wanted a top like this, so I'm so glad I found one!

Light trench coat (Forever 21 ION Orchard)
Bought this mainly for my Alaska trip (which I will blog about in the future!!!) It looks kinda like beige in the photo, but it's actually a really light grey hehe. The fabric is not too thick, so it's a perfect cover-up.

Shirt dress (Cotton On VivoCity)

Ruffled-hem dress (Uniqlo VivoCity) - $39.90
This was actually at a promotion price from $49.90! See this dress on me here.

Striped shirt dress (Bugis) - $15
Ha! Will never have enough shirt dresses, really. I mean, they're so comfy??? It's no secret that Bugis has awesome finds. Spotted this dress at a stall that sells Korean fashion!


Two-toned pointed flats (Charles & Keith Changi CityPoint) - $25
Been lusting for two-toned shoes (ever since my black and white brogues from Call It Spring retired)! When I saw these in the store, I knew I had to try them on. Never knew I'd look good in pointy shoes-- I used to tease my mom about 'em "elf shoes" haha! By the way, got these from the outlet store; my family's a fan of outlet shopping because the prices are lower! If you want good deals, check out Changi CityPoint because they have a lot of outlet stores of different brands. (See me wear these with my ruffled-hem dress here.)

Black wedges (Rubi VivoCity) - $15
Another item that I ticked off my to-buy list! Also got these ones on sale-- 50% off!!

Roshe Run Jacquard Knit (Nike Orchard Central) - $128
Ah yes, these sneakers. When I went to Singapore, I really had the goal of getting my first pair of Roshes. However, I didn't have any particular style in mind, just a color: maybe grey or white. So when I saw these at the Nike boutique (which was about to close by the way), I immediately fell in love. I also the Air Max Ultra Tokyo though, which I've been dreaming of. It was heartbreaking having to choose between the two; but in the end, I got these because they were what I planned on getting anyway, and I could wear them more often too.

Bumblebee action figures (Universal Studios Singapore)
Since Universal Studios Singapore has a Transformers ride (which I totally loved), I knew the souvenir store was something to look forward too! Imagine my thrill when I found the Masterpiece edition of Bumblebee! It's the vintage Bumblebee, as in the VW Beetle version. Definitely the most precious part of my collection now.

Like we did in Korea, we made sure to go to a local supermarket before leaving the country. It's something that I could never miss because in the grocery, you're likely to find good foodstuff that you won't find in the Philippines. For example, we found this KitKat Feuillantine (which I'm sure can be found in Japan but I've never been there sooo), which has a flaky inside and also a tinge of rhum. I also found Oreo wafers, which I had to try because--in case you don't know yet-- it's kind of my life goal to try as many variants of Oreo as possible hehe. You might find it weird, but I also bought a box of cereal: Post Great Grains - Cranberry Almond Crunch. I like to switch my breakfast cereals from time to time, and I noticed that breakfast stuff are so much cheaper in Singapore than in the Philippines. They even have more choices (also bigger boxes of flavored Fitnesse waaaa), even for energy bars (They had Milo energy bars! But we didn;t buy them because too much would be too bulky for our luggage). 

For some reason, I was not able to take a photo of another item I bought: the BiorĂ© Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover. I actually just saw it on an ad in the train station, and thought I should try it out. I only have praises for this product: it removes makeup flawlessly and leaves your skin soft. You don't even have to apply it with cotton or a towel; just pump some into your hand, rub it all over your face, then wash it off. Voila!

So there, I guess you can tell I had quite a lot of fun shopping in SG-- as well as taking pictures by our hotel room's window. It's true though that shopping is quite more costly in Singapore as compared to, say, Hong Kong.

As I wrap up this post, I can't help but crave for Jollibean's dark chocolate soya freeze (IT HAS PEARLS), and Magnum Marc de Champagne (yes, the ice cream-- it's grey/silver coated!!! Also, it comes in a fancy silver, sparkly wrapper huhu). Heck, even the ice cream wafer sandwich sold along the streets would do me well right now.

x Erika Rosales

UPDATE: Heard Magnum PH's releasing a new flavor-- sadly, it's not Champagne :-( 

PS: I know I said that my Lolla post would be next, but I found this in my backlogs so we're having this one first hehe. I'm actually planning to make a US trip haul post too in the future, but idk how because that'll be a lot (would anyone be interested in watching a video on it instead???)


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