17 November 2016

Streets of Seattle

To be honest, I had a completely different write-up for this post; but it's been so long ago (more than a year!) that it felt more appropriate to put in something fresh. The funny thing is, I just took this Buzzfeed quiz on "Which Hipster US City Should You Live in Based on Your Starbucks Order?" and wanna know my result? You guessed it, Seattle! The birthplace of Starbucks, no less.

That quiz may just have been accurate. I only spent two days and a night in the city but I felt a deep connection with the place in such a short span of time. It's urban yet laidback at the same time. And for some reason, I feel like Seattle is perfect for an introvert like me.

As if Seattle was't hipster enough, we stayed at the Ace Hotel. You may have seen this group of boutique hotels on Instagram. I know I did-- and I can vouch for the place, and say that it truly is 'grammable! And quirky, too. It's nestled in an unassuming building in Belltown, and was a short cab ride away from the pier. We could have walked the distance, if only we weren't lugging around stroller bags. The hotel was situated perfectly between two of Seattle's most iconic spots-- the Pike Place Market, and the Space Needle.

For me, Seattle is a city for walking. We worked our legs to get around the city, and the only times we rode the cab was to get to the hotel from the pier on Day 1, and to get to the airport on our departure the day after. We were ambitious right on our first day, as we ended up walking the whole distance between the Space Needle and the area of the Seattle Aquarium (which was a loooong one), dropping by the infamous Gum Wall along the way. We ended our day with an encounter with an intimidating pile of cajun-seasoned seafood at The Crab Pot, which was a dinner treat courtesy of my Uncle Win.

It's a shame we only had two days to spare for Seattle; I would have loved a shot at redemption at the hotel's breakfast nook, where we got to make our very own waffles with a humble machine hahaha! Kidding aside, there were a couple other places which we could have checked out, like the EMP Museum for its exhibits, and Pioneer Square for its underground passageways (bet you didn't know that!).

It's been a while since I last wrote something on this space. If you read until the end, thank you for having me back, and for sticking around!

Until the next adventure,


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  2. I've never been to Seattle - but I love looking at your photos of it! The Ace Hotel looks like a very nice place to stay when visiting.