17 November 2016

Seattle 2015: Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market has got to be one of the most iconic marketplaces in the world. Besides being home to the original Starbucks coffee shop (which you can read about in the second half of a previous post), it also boasts a bountiful selection of undoubtedly fresh seafood and other produce. While we didn't exactly get to buy anything, it was interesting getting to experience the market for ourselves.

Given that Seattle is right at the edge of the Pacific Ocean (through its inlet called the Puget Sound), it's no surprise that they have a lot of fresh seafood to offer. Indeed, the market reeks heavy with the scent of saltwater, but not "fishy" to the point that you'd want to leave ASAP. The smell is bearable, and the marketplace itself is actually pretty neat-- albeit a little old. To be honest, I think its classic look is part of its charm, really.

Seattle's public market is particularly proud not just of its coffee, but also its seafood, and as it turns out--  a certain pig. There are several statues of the animal mascot throughout the market which I, admittedly, am completely oblivious as to the reason why. (A quick Google search presents the answer to the mystery though, so if you're interested, you can read about it here.)

But that's just one of Pike Place's many quirks. Due to Seattle's terrain-- with its uphills and downhills reminiscent of San Francisco-- Pike Place Market actually has levels "underground". Hidden in these levels are stores of clothes, toys, and more. You can also find some restaurants here.

Most unexpectedly, there exists a Giant Shoe Museum, an exhibit containing "The Largest Collection of Giant Shoes". The museum is not a walk-through, but rather a wall installation which requires a few quarters for a quick glimpse through the automated curtains.


Light and fluffy doughnuts from the market!

Adding another penny to my collection!

No visit to Seattle would be complete without dropping by the market, even if it's just a swift pass at the stalls outside, which you will find only in the morning. And yes, the clock on the Public Market Center neon sign works!

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