29 August 2015

Bohemian with a Twist

We all know that music fests are events wherein you can pretty much wear anything (or in the case of some people, not wear anything). Besides the music, fashion is also quite a big thing in festivals such as Lollapalooza, which I attended almost a month ago.

Sadly don't know how to use mascara to save my life lol
Btw I have a new hair color!!! Absolutely love it-- will tell you guys more about it in the future
I look tall yay!

Crochet Bra Top: New Dress* (x)
Midi skirt, denim dress (worn as vest): Forever 21
Sunglasses: Sunnies Studio (Dovie style)
Metallic tattoos: Karma Chic Manila*
Ear jacket/ cuff, ear pin: Claire's
Bracelet with initial: Alex & Ani
Thin gold cuff: Coral & Oak
Boots: Dr. Martens

(I'll share to you guys my overall experience with some highlight performances in a separate post soon; but for now, I'll kickstart this series of posts with my Day 1 outfit.)

It was my first time going to a music festival, so I made sure that my attire was not my usual get-up. Which is why I'm so glad my package from New Dress came just in time, because the items I got were perfect for summer. One of the pieces they gave me was this tan-colored crochet top, which I knew had to wear to Lolla as soon as I saw it. (It actually made me blend well with the crowd's style!)

But I didn't want to look exactly just like everyone, so instead of the common crop top-and-shorts combo which I expected (and did observe), I went for a midi skirt plus an oversized denim vest which I all bought a day before Lolla haha! Did you know that the 'vest' is actually a dress? I didn't know until I checked the tag haha! But you've got to agree that it works great as a vest too, aye?

Since festival is definitely not "less is more", I made sure to stack up on some arm candy: a cuff from Coral & Oak which has my fave word, "COURAGE"; a rastaclat which was given to me as a gift; a bracelet with lapiz lazuli and a red stone; an old dreamcatcher bracelet; my Yabang Pinoy band; a rainbow bracelet which I got from Mexico; and my favorite-- my very own Alex & Ani bracelet with my initial! I also stuck on flash tattoos-- another festival staple. I mixed up designs from a set that my uncle gave me, and those I got  from Karma Chic. (Up until now, my arms have tan lines from them haha!) And since I have a thing for unconventional earrings, I bought some from Claire's as well! (I need some more ear pins and ear jackets in my life please)

As if the vest and boots were not enough to add to the "edge" of my look, I also sported a faux undercut. This is another thing I do not normally do, but since it is after all my first music fest, I went the extra mile. Thanks to my mom: she took the patience to do my hair even though she did not know how to do it at first!! And also my dad, for taking the photos, as always hehe.

Oh, if you're wondering why the photos don't have a music fest backdrop, it's because professional cameras were prohibited in the event (sad, I know). Hence, we had to take the outfit photos before heading to Lolla. Really wishing I had a compact interchangeable lens camera! If you have any suggestions on what model, please do leave a comment below!

x Erika Rosales

*Products marked with an asterisk were sponsored.