05 September 2015

Lace-y Daisy

Ask me what my favorite outfit is as of the moment, and this would be it. My brave moments in fashion always seem to involve lace (see: Brave Moment #1). But if I were a bit more brave in terms of showing skin and getting sun-kissed, I'd probably have done away with the lace top. After all, one thing I love about being in America-- and even more in a music festival--  is that you can get away with wearing almost anything.

Braid crown bc flower crowns are overrated
Lace crochet top: Urban Outfitters
Lace-trimmed shorts: New Dress* (x)
Caged bralette: Victoria's Secret PINK
Metallic tattoo: Karma Chic*
Eye ring: Born Pretty* (x)
X ring: Infinitine
Ear cuff: Greenhills
Boots: Dr. Martens

I honestly planned on shopping for 100% of my Lolla outfits in America, so I spent a good whole day for that heh. I wanted to look edgy on the second day, but I fell in love with this lace top that I found at Urban Outfitters. To add to my delight, it was even on sale! Right when I saw this top, I knew I could pair it with my lovely shorts from New Dress.

On a different note, I've always been lusting for a cage bralet. It's the kind of thing that's okay with being seen (even actually demands to be seen imo) because of its edginess. So when I saw one in VS PINK, I didn't even hesitate about buying it. Good thing I did, because it was the perfect innerwear for my crochet top! (Wearing a tank top inside to a music festival would be like throwing yourself into an oven-- literally hot!) And as if my outfit wasn't lacey enough, the bralet actually has aztec-style lace trimmings.

Since I was wearing long-sleeves, I didn't bother wearing bracelets anymore. Instead, I wore rings-- a reversible O/X ring from Infinitine, and an eye ring from a new package from Born Pretty. I also added a new tattoo in a more visible spot: a gold feather from Karma Chic just below my collarbone. Also, I sported another ear cuff! I actually just got it from Greenhills, cool, right? Unfortunately, as I was sorting out my jewelry back in Manila, I discovered that I may have lost the cuff huhuhu

Check out my braided crown, by the way! Tbh, I wish my hair never grew anymore: I like its current color (boo showing roots!), and I want it in a chin-length lob forever. Alas, that's not how nature works. But hey, I did see a good side! With the growing length of my hair, I was able to have it transformed into a crown. Once again, it was my mom's wonderful work.

That's all for my day 2 outfit!! A Day 3 outfit won't be coming up next, because there was no third day for me.(Say what?!) Find out why in my next post: my Lollapalooza 2015 experience!!! I can't wait to share everything with y'all!

x Erika Rosales

*Products marked with an asterisk were sponsored.


  1. Super cute outfit! Loved it, and also your hair <3

  2. Those little lace shorts really work here. You would think lace on lace would be overkill, but they only add detail and texture to this really cool outfit. And THANK YOU for not going with the typical flower crown. The braid crown is much edgier and hippie-inspired and uncommon! Rad.

    1. Your comment means a lot to me!! Good to know that I didn't look over-the-top :) Thanks for dropping by x