07 May 2016

Vlog: 2015 US Shopping Haul

Surprise, surprise! I have finally decided to give vlogging a try. To kick things off, I proudly present to you guys not just one, but TWO videos wherein I share all the stuff that I bought during our USA trip back in August last year. Find out more below the break!

To be honest, I almost didn't do a haul post because taking photos of items is really a lot of work. However, I have noticed that my hauls tend to rake in the most views, so I realized that readers are actually interested in my shopping endeavors (as much as I am)! Then I told myself, why not make a video instead? That, combined with my desire to try new things, resulted to the launch of my Youtube channel. I plan not only to upload haul videos there, but also travel videos (Japan video-diary soon!), and other relevant content. I'm accepting suggestions, just comment away!

I decided to divide my haul into two videos because (1) I didn't want one full video to be too long, and (2) I acknowledge the fact that some might be interested in my fashion buys, but not in my makeup, and vice versa heh. Nevertheless, I shot them all in one sitting, hence the same look-- and admittedly awkward setup.

Speaking of the setup, it was my first time so I really just had to make do with whatever we had at home in order to make the shoot happen. I guess it's not really bad for a first-timer, right??? But hopefully, in the next videos, there'll be: a better backdrop, better video quality (including the right focus on the right items hahaha!), and better audio. Oh, and not to mention, a less awkward me. I guess/ hope I'll get the hang of things soon; after all, another reason why I decided to pursue vlogging is to improve my "public speaking" skills.

By the way, I shot this one on New Year's Day (yes, really), so you might be hearing some noisy neighbors and their horns/ trumpets in the background from time to time. Also, if you've been following me on Instagram (@_erikarosales) and/or my newborn Snapchat (ekdoublea), you'd know that my hair no longer looks like the one in the videos hahaha!

Okay, enough with the lengthy disclaimer. I've embedded both videos (around 10 minutes each) below, and I hope you guys enjoy watching them!

As always, I'd love to hear what you guys think, so don't hesitate to leave a comment. It would also mean a lot to me if you like the videos and subscribe to my channel! Thanks a lot x

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