31 May 2016

Sufree Tea Party

Challenge me to cut down on savory meals, and I can probably do it. Ask me to stay away from sweets, and we may have a problem. I'm a self-confessed "sweet tooth". Thinking of all the sugar makes me feel guilty sometimes, and that's essentially why I'm glad to have discovered Sufree, an all-natural sweetener.

Last May 18, Wednesday, I was invited to the Sufree Tea Party at Sip & Gogh Kapitolyo. Given that it was my very first legit blogger event, I was definitely psyched!

Walking into the venue, you'll find an array of both sweet and savory food creations. There was also a juice bar for quirkily-named drinks. All the choices looked delectable, so everyone delighted in filling their plates. It was truly a feast not just for the appetite, but also for the eyes (especially with the paintings all around!). I couldn't stop taking pictures, really.

Sufree was derived from "sugar-free". As a sweetener made from stevia leaves, it contains zero calories from sugar and fat. That makes it perfect for daily consumption in place of your typical sugar! Each packet of Sufree Stevia Sweetener is equivalent to 2 teaspoons of sugar. As a lover of sweets, I find this great because I can finally give in to my cravings with no guilt. No compromise necessary, too.

The best part about Sufree? You can use it on anything-- yes, not just desserts! We were all surprised to discover that all the dishes served in the event were made with Sufree. No one could have guessed, because the food was actually rich in flavor! My favorite out of all would be-- you got it, a dessert: the strawberry panna cotta.

After the impressive merienda slash taste test, we then had a painting session where each and every guest put our own spin on the original artwork. I consider myself a creative person, but I admit that painting is not my forte. Nevertheless, I'm pretty pleased with what I came up with!

At the end of the day, we all got to take home our respective artworks, together with a neat box of goodies. Included was our own box of Sufree, which is great because the product is only available in select supermarkets at the moment. But keep your eyes peeled; hopefully, Sufree will soon make its way to your neighborhood stores.

A sweet (pun intended) experience, indeed!

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