26 June 2016

I Finally Graduated!

Last June 18, Saturday, I was part of 700+ Lasallians who marched at the Philippine International Convention Center. That momentous day marked the official end of college, and the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

June 15, 2016 

On Wednesday of the same week, we had our Recognition Rites in campus. The different colleges held their own programs simultaneously in different parts of the University, and gathered for the Baccalaureate Mass in our chapel. As an Accountancy student, I was part of the Ramon V. Del Rosario - College of Business, perhaps the college with the highest number of graduates for this term.

After the scheduled events, graduates flocked to the facade of the St. La Salle Hall to take obligatory "graduation cap toss" photos. It also happened to be University Vision-Mission Week at that time-- which was great-- but unfortunately, photos by the Henry Sy, Sr. Hall were out of the question then.

At the end of the day, my parents and I headed to the Prism Plaza at Two E-Com Center for a quaint celebratory dinner at the Spanish restaurant called Alba. Truly one of their specialties, their cochinillo was mouth-watering. You could maybe just eat that and make the most out of the buffet fee haha!

Jumpsuit: The SM Store
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Earrings: H&M
Shoes: Charles & Keith


June 18, 2016

It was The Big Day. I guess I was not alone in hoping that things would go smoothly-- no tripping on stage, or no cap slipping off the head during The Bow. Thankfully for me, everything was fine. Reciting the oath and singing the Alma Mater Song for what would be the last time-- the feeling was overwhelming. We left the venue with our tassels on the left side, and our hearts filled with pride, delight, and gratefulness.

But as an Accountancy graduate, things didn't feel too final. I would still see most of my friends in review classes, and together, we will take on the greatest challenge: the board examinations in October.

Regardless of what awaits each and every one of us, may luck be on our side! As we were told not just by the esteemed speakers during the commencement exercise, but also taught by our alma mater throughout the years,  let us find the true purpose of our lives, and use it to be of service to God and country.


PS: Will make a separate post featuring the dress behind the toga, as well as the hair and makeup of the day!

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